Memories Matter

You can take steps to improve your memory health.

Neurotrack uses clinically proven science to help you
assess and improve your memory over time.

Our Process


Get a baseline of your memory health

Establishing your baseline and monitoring your memory over time is critical for maintaining your cognitive health. Our proprietary Imprint Memory Assessment uses eye tracking technology to assess your memory health and detect changes over time.


We help you incorporate behaviors that keep your memory sharp

Research proves that lifestyle has a big impact on memory health. We give you the tools, guidance and support to help you protect and preserve your memory.


Track your progress

Every 3 to 6 months, we’ll have you take another assessment so that you can track how your memory changes over time.

Rooted in Science

We work with the world’s leading scientists to bring you
the latest technology for your memory health.

Advancements in science

Our products were developed based on 30 years of research.

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Our partners

Our work with leading research
institutions helps advance today's
knowledge of memory loss.

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A growing number of doctors use
Neurotrack with their patients.

The Imprint Memory Assessment can help you detect early changes and potential abnormalities in your memory function. Our partnering physicians use Imprint results to help their patients understand and manage their memory health. Sharing your results with your doctor could provide information that can help with your overall preventative health care program.


How is my privacy protected?

Your information belongs to you. We’ll never share your data without your permission.

We use state of the art encryption and security best practices. Your Imprint results are stored in a database that is separate from your personal information.

If you choose to cover the costs through your insurance provider, you will be asked to authorize Neurotrack to release medical information and test results as needed. If you pay with your credit card, only you have access to your test results.

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