Keep your mind sharp and memory intact

Preserving cognition is possible

Neurotrack has developed the first cognitive health program to help individuals manage their brain health and reduce their risk of cognitive decline in the future. Neurotrack’s approach is focused on preserving and strengthening cognitive health now as opposed to managing its decline later.

Through our Cognitive Health Program, individuals can measure their cognition with clinically-validated assessments and learn how to make impactful changes on their brain health. Neurotrack delivers all of this through a simple mobile app.

Our Three Pillars of Brain Health



Evaluate your current cognitive abilities with our assessments and eye-tracking technology, so you know exactly where you stand.



Stay in the driver's seat of your brain health with our easy-to-use tools and data to track your cognition today, tomorrow, and as you age.



Learn and incorporate targeted behaviors, like quality sleep or brain training, that are clinically-proven to benefit your cognition.

30 years of brain-changing science

Our team of neuroscientists, neuropsychologists, and data scientists deliver the latest preventative advice, technologies and data-based science, all in the name of improving cognition and reducing the risk of decline.

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