Slip Up, Then Move On

The MIND-Diet is easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a slip up. In fact, most people will. It’s easy to go for a piece of pizza (or several) when you’re stressed or tired.

Cut yourself some slack. Relearning to eat will not happen overnight. You will slip up, it’s human nature.

When you stick to the MIND-Diet, you might miss that 1AM pantry binge. But, if you reframe these foods as toxic substances in your body’s machine, it’ll help you make better choices.

Remember, the choices you make today are critical for your cognitive health later. Before buying that box of candy at the movies, ask yourself this: is this box of candy today worth a possible future in which movies no longer make sense?

Your goals, this week, are simple:

1. Identify “mind healthy” foods you already know you enjoy eating.

2. Decide on just one substitution, subtraction, or addition this week and stick with it.

3. Keep a food journal and jot it all down.

4. Evaluate your progress. Did you stick with your change? Cool. Make another. Did you mess up? No worries. We get it. You can try again next week.

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