What You Need to Know About Working Out

Have you had a chance to start a workout program yet? If not, that’s ok. Getting started is the hardest part.

Once you get going, you can keep these tips in mind:

1. Pay attention to your form: If you’re doing cardio, keep an upright posture. Don’t stay in positions or motions that cause discomfort or pain. Adjust any exercise machines to fit your body before use. If you’re doing strength exercises like weights, move slowly and with control.

2. Breathe:It’s easy to focus on the activity you’re doing and forget to breathe. If you’re not breathing, you’ll slow down. Inhale on the easier part of the exercise and exhale when you’re exerting more effort in the movement.

3. Include all your muscle groups: Try not to focus on just one part of your body, like your arms or abs. You don’t want one part of your body stronger than another!

4. Rest: If you’re doing strength training, rest for at least 60 seconds between sets so your muscles can recover. After strength training, rest a group of muscles 1-2 days before using them again. You can do cardio pretty much every day, but don’t do too much too fast or you risk injury.

5. Soreness: It’s normal to experience soreness after a workout. It’s a sign that you did something new and worked your muscles! Most soreness should pass in a few days. If you notice your soreness continues for a few days, it’s a good idea to decrease the difficulty and length of your workout the next time.

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