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Flexible Cognitive Screening to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Leaders

Let's unpack the daunting challenges faced by today's medical executives and the innovative cognitive assessment solutions they require.


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, CEOs, COOs, and Chief Medical Officers are grappling with multifaceted challenges. From staffing concerns to provider burnout and clunky referral workflows, the landscape is evolving, and innovative solutions are needed. At Neurotrack, we understand the complexities faced by healthcare leaders and are committed to providing transformative digital solutions for cognitive screening and care. Let's explore the key issues keeping healthcare executives awake at night in 2024 and how Neurotrack is working to solve these challenges.

Staffing Woes: A CEO's Predicament

Healthcare CEOs are acutely aware of the critical importance of staffing, and the resounding message from the industry conferences I've been attending is clear—filling open roles with top medical professionals is a major concern. According to CEOs of major medical groups nationwide, attracting and retaining primary care physicians (PCPs) poses a significant challenge, while burnout remains a pressing issue.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing these concerns, Neurotrack has developed a solution aimed at transforming cognitive screening and alleviating the burden on PCPs (whose time is already spread thin). Our product enables the screening of adults aged 65 and above for cognitive impairment in just three minutes, seamlessly integrating into any annual wellness visit workflow and electronic health record (EHR). Not only does it meet Medicare requirements, but it also facilitates early detection of cognitive impairment, improves outcomes, and maximizes reimbursement. The positive uptake we’ve already seen by health systems underscores the efficacy of our digital screening platform.

COOs Contemplate Radical Solutions: Remote Work for Medical Professionals

Healthcare COOs are exploring radical solutions to combat burnout, with a particular focus on giving more medical professionals some flexibility to work from home. This concept gained traction at the recent AMGA Fall Council Summit that I attended, where COO leaders discussed its potential to enhance job satisfaction and retention, especially given the increased acceptance of virtual visits post-pandemic.

Neurotrack supports this paradigm shift by offering a cognitive assessment platform that works as well remotely as it does in-clinic. Our platform allows older patients to undergo cognitive screening from the comfort of their homes, providing an accurate assessment in minutes using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. The results are instantly scored and transmitted to any EHR, ensuring accessibility for healthcare providers, regardless of their location.

CMOs' Sleepless Nights: Navigating Referral Workflows

Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) are losing sleep over referral workflows, particularly as specialists become scarce. This concern was also a focal point at the AMGA Fall Council Summit. At Neurotrack, we align with the Alzheimer’s Association and others in recognizing the importance of moving cognitive impairment detection into primary care, which helps screen and triage patients at scale.

Our digital screening solution is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into annual wellness visits, minimizing friction in the process. Compatible with EHRs and requiring minimal training, our platform can help  reduce bottlenecks in specialist care, addressing a key concern for CMO leaders.

In conclusion, Neurotrack is dedicated to developing versatile health tech solutions that address the pressing concerns of healthcare leaders. Our product designers, data scientists and engineers have built a flexible and innovative cognitive screening platform that aims to be a cornerstone in transforming healthcare delivery for older adults.