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Testing Research

August 2023

Efficacy and practicality of the Neurotrack cognitive assessment battery

January 2023

A novel digital digit-symbol substitution test measuring processing speed in adults at-risk for Alzheimer’s disease: Validation study

August 2022

The use of digital technology to assess cognitive function in Tunisian adults

February 2022

Asynchronous remote assessment for cognitive impairment: reliability verification of the Neurotrack Cognitive Battery

March 2021

Environmental distractions during unsupervised remote digital cognitive assessment

September 2020

A short digital eye-tracking assessment predicts cognitive status among adults

April 2020

Device-embedded cameras for eye tracking-based cognitive assessment: Implications for teleneuropsychology

August 2019

Validation of a digitally-delivered visual paired comparison task

May 2018

Device-embedded cameras for eye tracking–based cognitive assessment: Validation with paper-pencil and computerized cognitive composites

June 2017

Web camera based eye tracking to assess visual memory on a visual paired comparison task

March 2013

A behavioral task predicts conversion to mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

Intervention Research

April 2023

The effect of a digital health coaching and health education protocol on cognition in adults at-risk for Alzheimer’s

February 2022

Intervention for a digital, cognitive, multi-domain Alzheimer's risk velocity study: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial

July 2021

Invited Editorial: Cognitive management in a digital world

January 2021

Cognitive decline negatively impacts physical function

January 2020

Risk reduction and prevention of Alzheimer's disease: Biological mechanisms of diet

October 2019

Engagement with a digital platform for multimodal cognitive assessment and multidomain intervention in a Japanese population

September 2019

Face-to-face and digital multidomain lifestyle interventions to enhance cognitive reserve and reduce risk of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias

May 2019

Prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease: Biological mechanisms of exercise

August 2018

The impact of the Virtual Cognitive Health (VC Health) Program on cognition and mental health for older adults

June 2018

A remote intervention to prevent or delay cognitive impairment in older adults: Design, recruitment, and baseline characteristics of the Virtual Cognitive Health (VC Health) study

Other Research

November 2022

Time-restricted feeding and cognitive function in sedentary and physically active older people: Ramadan intermittent fasting as a model

May 2021

A study of novel exploratory tools, digital technologies, and central nervous system biomarkers to characterize unipolar depression

November 2021

Acute inositol-stabilized arginine silicate improves cognitive outcomes in young adults

December 2020

The Digital Choice Anxiety Survey (DCAS): initial development and validation

June 2019

Dietary protein and amino acid intake: Links to the maintenance of cognitive health