Neurotrack for Business and Research

Convenient, accessible and scalable

We've made cognitive health management easier and more approachable.

With Neurotrack’s digital platform, administering cognitive testing remotely and reliably is now possible.

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Solutions for Insurance

For life and long term care insurers

Cognitive health solutions to help you and your customers

Our Cognitive Assessments provide insurers with the technology to underwrite new policies or process claims remotely, quickly, and reliably. No in-person visit is required.

Our Cognitive Health Program gives your customers access to our mobile app to manage and monitor their cognitive health over time, thereby reducing their risk for Alzheimer's.

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For Insurance

Benefits of Going Digital

Trusted by top insurance organizations

Case study: Neurotrack in Japan

Read about how a major life insurance company adopted Neurotrack to address rising Alzheimer's rates in Japan

Solutions for Clinical Research

For researchers who need remote testing capabilities

Replace in-person cognitive testing and expedite your protocols

Research takes an extraordinary amount of time. Replace expensive and timely in-person cognitive evaluations with remote testing to keep your study running smoothly.

Our clinically validated Cognitive Assessments provide researchers with the technology to administer testing quickly, accurately, and reliably. No in-person visit required. Learn more about our digital assessments.

For Clinical Research

Benefits of Going Digital

Trusted by top academic research institutions

Customizable testing batteries

We can tailor a battery of cognitive assessments to meet your unique study requirements. Our neuropsychology team can work with you on your specific research needs.

Solutions for Healthcare

For physicians interested in offering remote cognitive testing

Give your patients annual brain checkups

Our Cognitive Assessments provide health professionals with the technology to administer testing remotely, quickly, and reliably for patients. Make the brain checkup a standard part of patient care. Learn more about our digital assessments.

For Healthcare

Benefits of Going Digital

Seeking Healthcare Providers

Neurotrack is seeking healthcare providers who are interested in offering digital cognitive assessments to their patients. Please contact us to discuss further.