Take care of your brain

Know where your cognition stands and keep it healthy over time.

Your brain needs regular checkups, too

Brain health may not be something we think about as frequently as our physical health, but Neurotrack wants to change that. We believe in the importance of monitoring your cognitive health regularly. You can keep your mind active and make the right changes today to keep memories intact tomorrow.

The Neurotrack Cognitive Health Program

Neurotrack has the only digital platform that combines scientifically-validated cognitive assessments with a personalized cognitive health intervention program.

Cognitive Assessments

Our cognitive assessments utilize groundbreaking eye-tracking technology and measure multiple cognitive domains, providing you with a report of your current cognitive health. These assessments are designed to be taken regularly so that you can track your cognition over time.

Read the science behind our assessments.

Cognitive Health Program

Our intervention program empowers you to make life-changing improvements in your cognition. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, cognitive training, and social engagement are modifiable risk factors for cognitive decline.

We bring all of this together in our multi-domain cognitive health program and deliver unique content, interactive features, guidance, and recommendations that are personalized to you.

Read the science behind our program.

How does Neurotrack work?


Take cognitive assessments to know where you stand


Develop brain-healthy habits with personalized recommendations


Track progress to detect changes over time

What to expect

Taking the Assessments

Our cognitive and lifestyle assessments are designed to be taken in the Neurotrack mobile app. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection.

What You'll Learn

Your performance and scores indicates how you compare to other adults of the same age and biological sex.

Taking Action

Make impactful changes in your life that benefit your brain. Take the right steps to preserve your cognition through our scientifically-validated Cognitive Health Program.

Why Monitoring is Key

Just like regular health checkups, we recommend monitoring your cognitive health on a consistent basis. This helps detect changes early and may inform your lifestyle choices as you get older.